Get Back Into It

Where have you been ?!

Our Get Back Into It programme is the perfect choice if you are looking to get wet again after a break from the sport.

With different options available depending on your needs, we work with you to give you the confidence and ability needed to return to diving safely.

Typical options include, but are not limited to :


Confined water session

This option provides a relaxed and comfortable environment in which to run through equipment set up, core skills and refresh buoyancy, stability and propulsion techniques. Any theory related questions are able to be discussed with your instructor while including a recap on dive tables. It also provides a chance to check out any equipment you may own to make sure that it is in good working order. An individual skill assessment is included with a thorough debrief on strengths and weaknesses. No - it's not an exam ! It will however, give you honest and constructive feedback that will help you with your diving. Solutions will be given for areas where improvements can be made.


Duration :        Typically 3 hours at dive site.

Cost :               $120

Equipment :     Provided unless you have your own. 



Open Water session

This option provides a real world diving experience while under the guidance of a professional. During the session, we will focus on equipment set up, planning and performing your dives. This will include safety checks and environmental assessment, how to calculate gas reserves, teamwork, decompression and navigation strategies. During the 2 dives we will have heaps of fun as you get used to being back in the water. We are blessed with a multitude of fantastic dive sites to choose from, so another benefit of this session is to introduce you to some great dive spots !


Duration :       Dependent on location, typically 6 hours.

Cost :               $220 Boat

Equipment :    Provided unless you have your own.


Contact us to discuss the best solution for you.