Global Underwater Explorers

Global Underwater Explorers is a non profit organisation dedicated to the protection and preservation of the underwater world. GUE grew organically through the activities of the worlds leading cave explorers who refined their diving to include standardised equipment and techniques. Combined with a strong emphasis on teamwork, this increased both safety and efficiency in the demanding environment they were diving in. The resulting educational programme was developed to pass on this knowledge to advanced technical divers wanting to join their exploration projects and contribute to documenting these incredible places.

This educational platform has proved so successful that it has now expanded to include recreational courses. A good skill set is just as crucial in enhancing safety for a novice diver as it is for an experienced explorer. The techniques and equipment used are the same across all underwater environments. This benefits students as there is no "re-learning" necessary as you move between any of the classes GUE offer. The base configuration is the same for a 10M reef dive or a 100M wreck/cave dive.

No other agency connects education with opportunities to be actively involved with exploration and conservation quite like Global Underwater Explorers. To learn more about GUE, click here.