The volcanic island of Moutohorā, also known as Whale Island, is situated 9Km offshore from Whakatāne. Jointly managed through Te Tapatoru a Toi by Ngāti Awa and the Department of Conservation, the wildlife management reserve and predator free island of Moutohorā is home to many threatened native species. Kiwi and saddleback, tuatara and skinks, little blue penguins and fur seals are among many of the animals that reside here. Much has been done to restore the native vegetation with stunning pohutukawa, mahoe and kanuka all contributing to the regeneration of Moutohorā.

Underwater, the reef supports a great diversity of marine life. Schools of blue mao mao, demoiselles and koheru glisten as kingfish cruise alongside. A variety of sponges creates a colourful and vibrant reef adding living space to the rocky nooks and crannies that host triplefins and roughies.

The sounds and sights around Moutohorā make this a truly amazing place to dive, relax and appreciate.